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    Arbitration :
  Nowadays, Arbitration proceedings are very common and most of the commercial disputes arising out of domestic and international business transactions are resolved through Arbitration because of its cost effectiveness and expediency. Arbitration is a legal procedure for dispute resolution. Arbitration proceedings are held outside the conventional Civil and Criminal courts, where parties refer their disputes upon mutual agreement, to one or more private judges, known as Arbitrators and remain bound by their decision. There are several permanent Arbitration Tribunals set up by the central and state governments in India. We provide a comprehensive Arbitration support service to our clients. We represent our clients before State Arbitration Tribunal, Central Arbitration Tribunal and also before private Arbitrations. 

Litigation is a judicial process or legal procedure in a court of justice to determine and enforce legal rights. It may be defined as a dispute between two or more parties, presented before a Court for settlement. Litigation is broadly classified into the categories of Civil and Criminal Litigation. We provide Litigation Services in different areas of Law. Our Litigation Services include a complete support system to the litigants with pre-trial briefing, case law research, trial technology consultation, post trial services, etc.   

   We render Free Legal Services for Maintenance Proceedings under Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. The provision of maintenance is one of the sacred and humane propositions of Criminal Law as it ensures basic maintenance facilities to persons without sufficient means of living and thereby prevents vagrancy and crime in the society. In a civilized society, it is the duty of every capable person to pay for the maintenance of his/her dependents, such as children, parents and wife. Any such person who is incapable of maintaining himself or herself is legally entitled to maintenance.

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